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Cold, but Wet

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That’s right, they’ve started doing some work again!  Big things to notice include… They’ve backfilled the pool (there’s dirt around the walls again) They’re starting to do the coping (the top edge of the pool, made of stone) Hopefully the weather permits more progress!
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Update, Minutiae

Alright, things appear to be a little slow right now.  We’re getting little nit picky things in order at the moment, so progress feels slow. We’ve designed some shelves to surround the murphy bed.  We’ve designed the greenhouse and how it holds together.  We’ve figured out that the big window needs to move 3 inches. […]
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First Week of November, a Summary

Sorry for the delay on updates… I’ve gotten a bit lazy! Worthy of note: The metal roof (love), the windows, more siding.   Certain sections of siding are on hold waiting for the exterior doors.   We had the sandblaster in to create the floor texture.   There’s actually a lot to see here.  HVAC […]
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