First Week of November, a Summary

Sorry for the delay on updates… I’ve gotten a bit lazy!


Worthy of note: The metal roof (love), the windows, more siding.



Certain sections of siding are on hold waiting for the exterior doors.




We had the sandblaster in to create the floor texture.



There’s actually a lot to see here.  HVAC work, the HVAC closet built, a ton of electrical rough in, the windows from the inside.



And the pool awakens!  They’ve removed the forms and dug out around it to facilitate the plumbing that may start this week.


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A bit of board and batten

Around the world with the barn again, this time with a lot of the siding in place.  (Much of it is not in place as well, as they have to wait for the windows to do some of the siding.



The absence of a greenhouse…




Check out the newly installed steel poles that hold up the front porch roof rack.  It still strikes me as weird that they build porches without their supports, and then add the supports later.



Worthy of note here?  You can see some rough electrical wiring and the raw materials for the HVAC system.

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Framing is nearly complete

Obviously there are plenty of details that remain (like the steel posts that hold up the porch, and the floor that goes under it), but you can really get a sense of the actual size and shape of the barn now.





That’s the storage area for the pool equipment that sits just below it to the right.



The opening behind the porch roof will have the trellis over it.



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There it is…

You gotta love framing… A week ago, we didn’t have a slab.  Today?  The basic barn structure is in place… minus the porch and stuff.  Check it out.







Confused?  Me too.  All of that bracing will come out, someday.


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More Framing

Check it out… this thing is finally popping out of the ground.





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Framing Begins

At last, the framing has begun…  Well, it’s not been that slow, I’m just impatient.  And what do you know, framing brings rain… for the first time since we started the project.  Oh well.  At least I got to see this much today…



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A big pile of gravel

Progress has been a little slower of late.  The pool plumbing is waiting on the completion of some work on the barn.  The barn is just moving a little more slowly.




Today we got the gravel fill for the barn, along with some waterproofing stuff around the outside.  Under Lindy’s feet, you can see the only part of the barn that isn’t slab… The storage area (which may become a changing room someday) is framed to give some access to the underside of the pool house.

Perhaps, and this is only perhaps, framing begins on Monday.  That’s when we get to some real drama.

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What are the footers FOR?

My cousin Laura was kind enough to ask the question that all 3 of my readers must have been wondering… What in the world are the footers for?

Well, the answer is that there’s a pool house that goes with the pool.  I refer to it as the barn sometimes, but it’s really a pool house of sorts… that will kind of look like a modernized barn in the same sense that our house looks like a modernized farm house.

So, without further ado, here’s a model of the barn and pool from a while ago.  As you can see, the pool shape has changed a bit… But most of the rest of it is just about right.

martin poolhouse 072809-angle

One of the primary purposes of the barn is to provide shade for people by the pool.  (The barn is to the south of the pool.)  The front porch is about 30 feet wide and 10 feet deep, so it should do that well.  It’s tough to see from here, but there are glass garage doors on the east, north, and west sides of the barn, so that it can be opened up to be a huge outdoor room.

Taking that a bit further, there will be a changing room and some storage toward the back of the barn, in addition to a greenhouse (of which you can barely catch a peek in this image).  The actual interior space of the barn will be 20 x 30, excluding the greenhouse and front porch.

So, there it is!  You can see just how crazy this project is in total.  And now you have some sense of where it’s actually headed.

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Footers, in place

That’s right. Now we even have concrete in the footers. Very exciting. Hopefully this week includes concrete block, and maybe even some gravel in the foundation.

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I have some bad pictures, but more progress.

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