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What are the footers FOR?

My cousin Laura was kind enough to ask the question that all 3 of my readers must have been wondering… What in the world are the footers for? Well, the answer is that there’s a pool house that goes with the pool.  I refer to it as the barn sometimes, but it’s really a pool […]
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Footers, in place

That’s right. Now we even have concrete in the footers. Very exciting. Hopefully this week includes concrete block, and maybe even some gravel in the foundation.
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I have some bad pictures, but more progress.
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Check this out… The pool has very real walls.  We awoke this morning, literally, at 5:38am, to spanish being spoken just outside our window.  Soon thereafter, we had cement trucks, and generators, and pumps and people. When I got home from work, we had this:    
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Pipes, and Lights, and Skimmers, oh my

I have to give them credit again. They’re going fast. I love seeing progress every day, and we have some more today. You can see that the steel is fully formed, the bench/steps are in place, the lights are in, and the rough plumbing is done. Down in the deep end, you can see what […]
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The round bit in the lower left is the diving rock platform. Waterscapes actually builds the pool around the rocks. Entry steps are on the left here, swimout is on the far right. You can actually see the steel for the steps, the bench, and the lights are in place as well. Someone is gonna […]
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Forming the Edge

Friday afternoon and Saturday brought the forming of the edge of the pool.  If I understand correctly, the coping will sit on top of this edge (3″ up) and the wall will be formed on the inside of this edge… The pool is definitively not as big as it appears here. Further, the diving rocks […]
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The pool takes shape

And just one day later, the entire pool has taken shape.   From the shallow end…   Steps are on the left, deep end to the right.   Looking down into the diving well.   Looking up from the diving rocks into the pool.
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Digging Begins

Less than a week ago I signed the contract.  Yesterday, they got the permits.  And last night, we had two big holes.   First is the deep end… and a bunch of ripped up irrigation.  (No big deal, since it had to happen someday.)   The beginnings of the shallow end.   And the best […]
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So, literally, we spent 15 months going from idea to the point where we actually had a permit and were able to start building.  Most of the holdup was convincing the city of Brentwood that we had the right to build a pool in our backyard… Mind you, there are some 200 feet between the […]
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